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Starter Pack

Start your path to wellness with this 30-day supply of products in your custom-designed Starter Pack. This introductory pack includes specifically-designed products that are needed to get you started on your Candida program. Click now to order your Starter Pack.

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candida wellness starter pack

Your complete 75 page guide to recovery and better health. FREE.
Supplement to the Candida Yeast Answer book.
Your complete 75 page guide to recovery and better health.
Cape Aloe is a strong tonic and purgative, but is safe, nonaddicting...
Biotic Silver Topical Gel 4oz Topical Antifungal-Antibiotic Gel
Provides recommendations for meal planning...
Parasite Cleansing and Intestinal Support
Parasite Cleansing and Gastrointestinal Immune Support
Antifungal-Antibiotic Solution
Organic Liquid Colloidal Minerals
Probiotic Supplement for Infants, Toddlers and Expectant Mothers-Dairy Formula
Gastrointestinal Support-Friendly Flora
Probiotic for Small Intestine Support-Dairy Free
Probiotic for Large Intestine Support-Dairy Free
Probiotic Supplement for All Ages-Goats Milk Formula
Powerful Olive Leaf Extract Formula
$47.45 $42.71
Total Mineral Formula
$50.95 $45.86
Magnesium/Potassium Replacement Therapy
Antifungal-Antibiotic Solution
$55.95 $50.36
Highly Potent Antifungal Digestive Formula
Musculoskeletal Health
Liver Intestinal Detoxifier and Cleanser
50 Billion Viable Super Strain Friendly Bacteria - Dairy Free
3 in 1 Probiotic Supplement
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Full Spectrum Ionized Biotic Silver –
Strengthening Your Immune System

  • Biotic Silver is the most advanced form of “Ionized Silver” available today for the therapeutic purpose of fighting infection and strengthening the immune system. Biotic Silver is a powerful, natural, completely safe, highly effective antibiotic-antifungal solution. Our advanced highly potent form of silver is made in a unique organic mineral base that contains over 70 trace minerals and has a proprietary balance of concentrated ionized silver that is completely dissolved for total body absorption and utilization. Biotic silver is non-accumulative and non-toxic.

  • "Strengthen your immune system and fight infection today with Biotic Silver from Candida Wellness"

* The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.