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Starter Pack

Start your path to wellness with this 30-day supply of products in your custom-designed Starter Pack. This introductory pack includes specifically-designed products that are needed to get you started on your Candida program. Click now to order your Starter Pack.

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candida wellness starter pack

Total Mineral Formula
$50.95 $45.86
Probiotic Supplement for All Ages-Goats Milk Formula
Probiotic Supplement for Infants, Toddlers and Expectant Mothers-Dairy Formula
Liver Intestinal Detoxifier and Cleanser
50 Billion Viable Super Strain Friendly Bacteria - Dairy Free
Powerful Olive Leaf Extract Formula
$47.45 $42.71
Magnesium/Potassium Replacement Therapy
Highly Potent Antifungal Digestive Formula
Antifungal-Antibiotic Solution
$55.95 $50.36
Antifungal-Antibiotic Solution
Provides recommendations for meal planning...
Probiotic for Large Intestine Support-Dairy Free
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Full Spectrum Ionized Biotic Silver –
Strengthening Your Immune System

  • Biotic Silver is the most advanced form of “Ionized Silver” available today for the therapeutic purpose of fighting infection and strengthening the immune system. Biotic Silver is a powerful, natural, completely safe, highly effective antibiotic-antifungal solution. Our advanced highly potent form of silver is made in a unique organic mineral base that contains over 70 trace minerals and has a proprietary balance of concentrated ionized silver that is completely dissolved for total body absorption and utilization. Biotic silver is non-accumulative and non-toxic.

  • "Strengthen your immune system and fight infection today with Biotic Silver from Candida Wellness"

* The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.