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If your inclination is always to reach for a prescription or other man-made remedy to infections and illnesses, we invite you to consider the benefits of natural remedies. These alternatives remain valuable in the successful treatment of common health conditions, and long before than pharmaceutical companies introduced modern medications many people used a variety of compounds derived from plants to treat a variety of ailments. Candida Wellness is a firm believer of improving health through a safe and natural yeast infection remedy.

We have spent years researching the most potent ingredients to formulate effective supplements, and today Candida Wellness is the leading supplier of natural yeast infection products online. We take pride in our supplements and wellness programs, and the assistance they provide to our valued clients.

Here is a short guide to help you understand how each of our products work:

Strengthening the Body’s Natural Defense Mechanism

Instead of managing the symptoms by taking prescription drugs, Candida Wellness focuses on addressing the root cause of the problem using a natural Candida yeast remedy. Our anti fungal supplements help prevent the growth and multiplication of Candida albicans in the body while probiotic supplements maintain balance in the digestive system by supplying billions of beneficial bacteria. We believe this combination is helpful in addressing yeast infections and our growing base of satisfied clients would agree.

Providing Natural Healing

Our products help strengthen the immune system by keeping the digestive system healthy. More probiotics means less fungi and reduced risks of Candidiasis. A healthy balance in the entire system allows the body to heal and recover faster.

We provide an easy way to shop for yeast infection supplement online. Below is a list of our natural products. Click on the items of your choice to view details and add them to your cart to place the order. Contact us if you need more information about the products we offer.

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Full Spectrum Ionized Biotic Silver –
Strengthening Your Immune System

  • Biotic Silver is the most advanced form of “Ionized Silver” available today for the therapeutic purpose of fighting infection and strengthening the immune system. Biotic Silver is a powerful, natural, completely safe, highly effective antibiotic-antifungal solution. Our advanced highly potent form of silver is made in a unique organic mineral base that contains over 70 trace minerals and has a proprietary balance of concentrated ionized silver that is completely dissolved for total body absorption and utilization. Biotic silver is non-accumulative and non-toxic.

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Testimonial: Debra F.

The Candida Wellness Program is amazing. I first went on the program for several physical problems I was experiencing (fatigue, depression, pain and swelling in my joints, headaches, nausea, and horrible mood swings just to mention a few). The results were amazing. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so good, and that wasn’t the only benefit. This program gave me the power to take control of my health and my life. Thank you, Candida Wellness!